"Thank you very much for a wonderful time, an excellent shoot, relaxed experience & wonderful pictures. I feel like doing it all over again, you made me look and feel so good about myself.”

"....and I posted your pictures of me on web, within three weeks I had over 200 replies and as you know I am almost 60! Thanks, you're a miracle worker!!!!”

"I really enjoyed talking with you before we started shooting, you really put me at ease, it felt like I was just having some fun at a friends house. It made me wonder why I was so nervous about getting it done in the first place.”

"Again, thanks for your wonderful work. I needed something like this, you have made me feel really good about myself. I haven't forgotten that I still need to pay you… maybe I'll try and come by this weekend, it’s just that I'm so busy fighting off all the men!”

"How did you manage to take off at least ten years? Wish you could do that in reality! Great work, even my roommate didn’t even recognise me in some of those shots, how embarrasing, it turns out I must be a bit more of an exhibitionist than I thought!”

"Now I feel like I can go out dating again, those photos have done so much for my self-esteem, you will never know what a difference they have made to my attitude about myself, thanks so very much guy.”

"How did you do it? I look so butch LOL …  great shots, love the subtle lighting, hides my fat! Love the shots with the cowboy hat, thanks a million master of the lens, I think we may have created a bit of a camera whore!”